Our company was formed in June 2000 with the goal of assisting small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations make their mark on the Internet. We believe in communication. Not only between our clients and us, but also within our team members here at Netsitemaker. Communication between our designers results in a more creative, attractive and productive web site for you. Not to mention a more pleasurable, honest and rapid process to having your web site up-and-running on the Internet.

NetSiteMaker develops web sites that are quickly and easily navigated. Depending on what your business needs, we can design anything from a simple, brochure-like presentation to one that is more advanced and incorporates E-commerce capabilities for selling your products and services.

We provide top-quality, professional web design services including content management, custom web design, E-commerce web design, and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a major key in getting your web site recognized and is an important factor we take when designing your site. We will submit your web site to major search engines using keywords and keyword phrases that you would like to incorporate into your website.

Our designers are well-trained and efficient in programs and applications such as HTML, CSS, Flash, Java Script, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, ImageReady, Quark XPress, Adobe Acrobat, and more.